Welcome to the gold crest valley v1.0

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Welcome to the Goldcrest Valley Map from me Franklin09.
I’ve thought a lot how to make this map even better and I remembered what.
In the map one has only a yard and then the animals and some distributed on the Map shelters.
And it occurred to me the map so that you have to rebuild more than a yard.
And bingo here is the result, now the map has the following farms

Hof 1
The Kuhhof with 2 shelters and a small Multisilo and a gas station

Court 2
The Gedreitehof with several shelters and seed, fertilizer and gas station

Hof 3
The beet yard with 2 shelters and seed, fertilizer, gas station

Court 4
The sheep and pig farm with 1 Multisiölo and 1 shelter

Court 5
The small timber yard with gas station and shelter

Court 6
The large yard with seed, fertilizer, gas station and several shelters
However, this Court has no silos because I thought that can use the ground silos.

There are on the Map 2 fields less. You have 2 fields and 3 fields owned, plus a good fleet.
the multi silos have a bit of fruit in it why look yourself think that fits that.
I want you ask the Map does not offer at other sites on the DL because I perform the support only on this page.


DOWNLOAD GoldcrestValley.zip – 524.2 MB

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