Us valley v1.0.1

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Version 1.0.1
Wanne endfernd vom feld und par ausbeserungen

Moin so I mall because hof little rebuilt by ls 17 is the first map that I tried mall so wiet ales standard yes I know another just a tag, I feel my grade ran to mapen hab bar pictures as too high load say yes mostly more than word vill fun



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  1. JHvyper says:

    Great looking map, I like that you spaced everything out and gave us some room, but please fix the chicken egg spawn point. the eggs spawn ON field 12 instead of in the chicken coop. Also, please fix the mini map. The mini map does not display the appropriate icons like the cow, sheep, and pig locations. And one last thing, that slope on field 12 is a bit extreme (combine header digs into the ground when harvesting which slows it down badly), can you please reduce it a little or eliminate it all together? I havent checked the rest of the map but that’s what I found so far. Other than that, I really like this map and would love to see an update.

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