Ural 6614 hook lift v1.0

here is my URAL 8×8 HKL for you, many will know him from the LS15,
only unfortunately he had no function there.
there are so many MAN and AMI TRUCKS with a hook lift, but I think only –
an OSSI-TRUCK (a KAMAZ), – so now my conversion, so that as well as –
old OSSI ^^ – now has a little more choice;)

jou, what’s the matter with URAL?
– thick baking (8x + 2 spare wheels – optional)
– now with color choice
– dynamic exhaust smoke (model safe)
– new hydraulic sound
– swivel u. rotatable work light (right mouse button)
– and a funny blue (baloo) TEDDY ^^
… so that you are not completely alone in SIBERIA;)

There is nothing more, just have fun with it!
on this way, thanks a lot to FRANZ, for his video and the test.
… and model-safe for his tutorial-video and exhaust-smoke script.
(test video from FRANZ was linked, the ural was revised, see screens)
well then

Modell: unbekannt aus LS15
Textur: von mir überarbeitet
Script: konvertiert aus LS15, von moddelleicher u. mir
Idee / Konzept: meine
Tester: FRANZ
Sonstige: sonst nichts


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