Unimog wood v1.0 wsb

Here my Unimog Wood LS17wsb …
WITHOUT real model! … No SRS model!
(Some images still WITHOUT push off)

* Charge MUST be attached!
* DynamicAttach: FAST keeps everything firmly (fasten with button B)
* Vmax about 83km / h
* Trailerattacher low / normal
* Fronthydraulik
* Push off for easy unload timber (Ctrl-i)
* … And other details
* Log clean …

Have fun with it … TheSecretLife
It is forbidden to upload this mod new, not even in a different form!
Please use the original download link!

Modell: TSL/Hewaaa
Textur: TSL
Script: DynamicAttach von Heady
Idee / Konzept: TSL
Tester: TSL


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