Tinted windows v1.0.0.0


Colored Windows by BjoernP
Complete NEVER the original files from the game by the multiplayer mode may become unusable, or the whole game no longer work!
Use the files exclusively with mods!
Sliding this .zip file NOT in your modfolder, the game can not do anything, instead, you’ll have so Logfehler, perhaps the game will not start too!

Extract the Windows_Colored.zip folder to a folder of your choice.
When you need to use the window tinting in a vehicle, then you must first unpack the .zip file of the mod.
In the extracted folder, check window_diffuse.dds a file.
This file you replaced with a windows_diffuse.dds from a folder of your choice. So Fancy blue tinted glass, then you take the from the “blue”, etc.
Then you have the Mod again into a .zip file, package, and then sliding it back into your mod folder.
The effect is immediately visible, you have nothing else to do. If you own the vehicle more often, then the slices are tinged also with all vehicles.

To make the tint reversed, I have the original of windows_diffuse.dds GIANTS with this set. With this you can restore the original screen again.

Modell: Giants
Textur: BjoernP
Script: n/a
Idee / Konzept: BjoernP
Tester: BjoernP


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