Stoll long pallet fork v1.4

stoll-long-pallet-fork-v1-4_5 stoll-long-pallet-fork-v1-4_6

At the request of a Modhoster-member: Here comes the long fork version of Stoll Pallet Fork. Thus pallets and big bags along or 2 pallets can be transported across. The length was extended by about 100%.

Version 1.4
– Collisions angepasst
– AttacherJoint für befüllbare Wassertank-Palette eingebaut.

Price: 1200€

Lenght can be adjusted (normal to long-fork)
added tension belts
collision correction

Modell: Giants / moep0710
Textur: Giants
Script: moep0710
Idee / Konzept: moep0710 / Target_hit
Tester: moep0710
Sonstige: moep0710


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