Silvercrest valley v1.4

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This is a edited version of Goldcrest Valley and my first mod.

Version 1.4
> Fix sheep wool pallet
> Fix Crane
> Removed silo walls(Will bring them back when giant makes an update)

The changes are:
> New farm with silo, barn, cows, sheeps, pigs and chicken.
> Small edit to sawmill and minor changes to the rest of the map.
> You can load the equipment back to the farm.
> More Trees

V 1.1
I had to move the silo, it made a bug with the hayloft-sell trigger so you did not get money for the straw and grass.
Fixed Animal dirt zone.(not able to remove grass in front of cows)

V 1.2
Fixed feeding triggers for cow and pigs.

!There is a bug with the silowalls and i have to wait for Giant to fix it!
I will try to find a workaround but it may tak som time. Thank you all for understanding.

I have not tried it in MP.!
The log is clean

Model: Giant
Texture: Giant/me
Script: Giant
Idea / Concept: me
Testing: me


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