Rolling pastures nz v1.0.0.0

rolling-pastures-nz-v1-0-0-0_1 rolling-pastures-nz-v1-0-0-0_2 rolling-pastures-nz-v1-0-0-0_3 rolling-pastures-nz-v1-0-0-0_4

Rolling Pastures is a medium size map based around the country of New Zealand.
The map is primarily aimed at livestock with a dairy farm and farm run off filling up most of the map,
The map has enough land to be able to keep all the animals at 100% productivity and also a few crops planted for a bit of extra coin.
There is no buyable fields in the map they are all owned from the start also if you need to plant a few crops then well you will need to plow up some of the avaible grass land.

Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer Smith97, Dylan
Category Map
Author Smith97, Dylan
Size 178.08 MB
Released 30.11.2016

Smith97, Dylan


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