Pack straw blower mchale c360, c460 v1.0

pack-straw-blower-mchale-c360-c460-v1-0_4 pack-straw-blower-mchale-c360-c460-v1-0_5 pack-straw-blower-mchale-c360-c460-v1-0_6 pack-straw-blower-mchale-c360-c460-v1-0_7

The McHale C360 and C460 can be used to distribute bedding material Quickly and Efficiently leaving a thick aerated bed of straw. The McHale C360 and C460 can therefore be used to feed round bales of silage.
fillTypes = “straw dryGrass silage”
tension Belt Fix for transport Press “L”
Orientation from the nozzle with the mouse

Blacksheep Modding


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