Old iron john deere pack final v3.0

I changed the tires, engine specs, and the pricing on these 20 John Deere Tractors for a more realistic American feel (Oldversion)
The price is a little higher then what I found in the used market to reflect the tractors being bought as “new” – current for 2018.
All known erros have been fixed, all known clipping issues have been fixed.
I also corrected the FWA tracotrs with the proper axles.
All the tractors have a straight pipe option, the bigger tractors have a GPS option.

– John Deere 20 Series 2WD
– John Deere 30 Series 2WD
– John Deere 40 Series 2WD
– John Deere 50 – 55 Series 2WD
– John Deere 50 – 55 Series FWA
– John Deere 4320 2WD
– John Deere 4630 2WD
– John Deere 4640 2WD
– John Deere 4840 2WD
– John Deere Series 2WD
– John Deere Series 60 FWA
– John Deere Series FWA
– John Deere 20 Series FWA
– John Deere 30 Series FWA
– John Deere 40 Series FWA
– John Deere 4320 FWA
– John Deere 4630 FWA
– John Deere 4640 FWA
– John Deere 4840 Custom FWA
– John Deere Series FWA
– John Deere Series 60 2WD

I do not plan on doing any other changes to this pack.
There is a attachable weight for the John Deere Tractors
Credit goes to Gaints/Old Iron Modding, Lone Tree Ridge Farms, edits to FarmerJon



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