Lpg mountain hall v1.0

lpg-mountain-hall-v1-0_1 lpg-mountain-hall-v1-0_2

You know the mountainside certainly from the agricultural simulator 2015, we have missed a few features from the agricultural simulator 2017. As well as the gate triggers adapted for animatedObjects.
Features: Lightpacket, Tipcolli, “bonus” texture
Model: fqC art.
Texture: fqC art. , CosmicHD
Ingame: fqC art.
The built lights come from Niggel’s modding
The warehouse is installed exclusively via the Gaints editor,
There will not be a placeable version.
The LPG workshop may NOT be used without our permission
Changed and reloaded, you can do it WITHOUT
Share as it is on your maps, so be nice and nice
Names the credits!
The LPG Mountain Hall can also be downloaded on other sites
By using the original Download –
We wish you a lot of fun with the LPG Bergehalle, for questions
Or problems we are gladly at the disposal.

Modell: fqC art.
Textur: fqC art. , CosmicHD
Idee / Konzept: fqC art.


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