Lowboy in strabag look v1.0

lowboy-in-strabag-look-v1-0_1 lowboy-in-strabag-look-v1-0_2 lowboy-in-strabag-look-v1-0_3 lowboy-in-strabag-look-v1-0_5

So love people.
Here I introduce you a low loader before from the LS13.

– Object owner
– Tensioning straps
– Ramp and rods animation

Ramp the Numpad 8 is opened / closed
Rods are moved with Numpad 7

To do list:
– New texture with color selection
– Wheels Configuration
– Install the UAL script
– Install new wash texture
– Axes Highly adjustable
– Width adjustable or expandable

Now play fun with it.
Ingame: Freakyman
Model: GTS / ETS
Texture: GTS / ETS

Modell: ETS/GTS
Textur: ETS/GTS
Script: Gaints/Svenn777b
Idee / Konzept: Freakyman
Tester: Freakyman


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