Little birch v1.0

little-birch-v1-0_4 little-birch-v1-0_6

I have you in consultation with “t0xic0m” his “Birch cases with / without Harvester LS17 ready made.
This is the original birch which actually could be precipitated only with a chainsaw. Now they can be definitely with the Harvester Mincing, best suited to 2m long.
However, one needs a lot of practice and skill 😉
The trees can be precipitated by hand and also by Harvester.
The trees are Placeable, can also be installed on a map if required but.
Have fun with it

Modell: t0xic0m
Textur: t0xic0m
Script: t0xic0m
Idee / Konzept: t0xic0m
Tester: DonMaxxus


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