Large stoll silage fork (3.000l) v1.0

large-stoll-silage-fork-3-000l-v1-0_1 large-stoll-silage-fork-3-000l-v1-0_4 large-stoll-silage-fork-3-000l-v1-0_5 large-stoll-silage-fork-3-000l-v1-0_7

The clever farmer tries to empty his silo with his front loader, because a wheel loader is far too expensive. However, the standard Silage fork has just 1.540l fillvolume. Therefore, we present you the (unofficial) Stoll Silage Fork with larger fork and a volume of legendary 3.080l.
Price: 4.000 €
The Silage Fork was widened by about 50%, attachers were set new and some major changes of the model. The model was the hardest work because Giants had their Silage Fork quite well protected and I therefore had to create the majority new.

Modell: moep0710
Textur: Giants
Script: moep0710
Idee / Konzept: moep0710
Tester: moep0710
Sonstige: moep0710


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