Kuhn feeding parts v1.0 primus beta

kuhn-feeding-parts-v1-0-primus-beta_8 kuhn-feeding-parts-v1-0-primus-beta_10

UHN SPV 12 Confort, KUHN Profiles 1880 & Kuhn Primor 3570

Converts from LS15, LS17 now available with all standards.
For more information in the ReadMe.pdf
Version 1.0 “Primus Beta”
Bugreport & Support on FB under https://www.facebook.com/RedCatModelling/

Models included in the mod are © Giants software.
I got this from the game LS15
taken and all the files to make both them
meet the standard for LS17.
All rights reserved by GIANTS Software. For
my changes, I am responsible. Therefore:
Re-upload is not allowed.
Upload in altered form ebenfals not.
I assume no liability for consequential damages
by the Mod.

Modell: GIANTS
Textur: GIANTS
Script: GIANTS // Edit: Gunthaa
Konvertiert: Gunthaa

DOWNLOAD KuhnFuttertechnik.zip – 26.8 MB

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