Kotte garant profi vq 32000 v0.8

kotte-garant-profi-vq-32000-v0-8_1 kotte-garant-profi-vq-32000-v0-8_5

Good Morning
As promised I am putting my Kotte Garant VQ 32000 to download.

What was done
New Skin with new decals.
Consumption increases.
Operating speed increases.

Log is Clean !!!!!

~ Price: 1758 € 19
~ Rental costs: € 17,410 per day
~ Maintenance costs: € 360 per day
~ Capacity: 32000L
~ Required PS: 340
~ Working width: 30m
~ Working speed: 25km / h
~ Consumption: ca.100L per second

For Version 1.0, a suction arm is scheduled!

Modell: Gaints
Textur: Badtime
Script: –
Idee / Konzept: Badtime
Tester: Meistro,Sveni


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