Komatsu ex 50 v1.1 beta

komatsu-ex-50-v1-1-beta_9 komatsu-ex-50-v1-1-beta_10

Now arrived in LS17 From the LS13 and LS15 which:
Forklift Komatsu EX 50

Lifting, driving, transport etc
Iam Komatsu largely rebuilt, perfect but is not it works very well. The log is without error.
A fork one yet …
He is under the category front loaders, front loaders all attachments also adjust the trucks!
It can be drawn trailer (trailer, no low Trailer)
Lights, indicators, mirrors are also functional …
If the mod you like: donated me a beer;)

Modell: Solanz
Textur: Solanz
Script: —
Idee / Konzept: MasterXerion
Tester: MasterXerion
Sonstige: MasterXerion


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