Joskin 32000l v1.1

joskin-32000l-v1-1_1 joskin-32000l-v1-1_2 joskin-32000l-v1-1_3 joskin-32000l-v1-1_4

Joskin 40000l Tandem Liquid manure spreader (galvanized) with Vogelsang Swingmax 36 dribble bar

Version 1.1
New logos created are now sharper
Capacity reduced to 32000 liters
Textures more Optimized
Some values are adjusted in the xml
Ps. Remove the previous version from the Mods folder, rename the current version, etc.

Standard features LS17
Capacity: 40,000 liters
Power requirement: from 360 hp
Working width: 30 m
Price: € 158,279
Maintenance: € 360
Mfg Coyote

Giants, Wile_E.Coyote


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