Htz t-200k v1.0 ls2017

htz-t-200k-v1-0_1 htz-t-200k-v1-0_2

here the “HTZ T-200K” from LS15 for the LS17, the also earlier on MH is from me.
Standard Script + more script functions
much Animates
Various parts for open / close
tire deformation
washable (dirty)
complete lighting
to select two engine variants: 175 hp and 210 hp
Maximum speed: 43 km / h
and much more….
Happy Farming 🙂
MfG Pussycat

Shippy, Pavel_Tikhonov, MaUmErIs, Mic, IGORELA21, Vladimir Fakhrutdinov, Pussycat


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