Hobbs goldcrest valley v1.2

hobbs-goldcrest-valley-1-2_6 hobbs-goldcrest-valley-1-2_5 hobbs-goldcrest-valley-1-2_4 hobbs-goldcrest-valley-1-2_3 hobbs-goldcrest-valley-1-2_2 hobbs-goldcrest-valley-1-2_1

A fairly simple edit of the Goldcrest Valley map
The farm yard has been opened up a bit and vehicles now reset to the farm
The forest in the NE has been expanded back a bit (the boundaries have been moved back too)
Logs auto sell at the sawmill and a new road leads alongside the traintracks to the train’s log sell point
You can now drive in the tunnels too.

Map was put together by Albert and Edited by Hobgoblin

DOWNLOAD Hobbs_GoldcrestValley_V102.zip – 513.6 MB

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