Gorshkova zemlya v0.1.2

gorshkova-zemlya-0-1-2_2 gorshkova-zemlya-0-1-2_4

version 0.1.2
Added the spinning mill
added the return of equipment to base
displacement of the trigger to buy the fields
fixed some bugs

Hello friends!!!
decided to put my map “Gorshkov land” for farming simulator 17
this is a test version.the scenery at least,because now is the time to deal with them not.
in future versions this will probably be eliminated.
on the map there BGA,4 points of sale,sell the forest all the standard culture and animals.
in the future(because this is a test version)map will be redeveloped and will be increased.
about all found mistakes,questions and suggestions write to the group in the VC

DOWNLOAD gorshkova_zemlya.zip – 713.1 MB

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