Goldcrest valley by gallier67 v2

goldcrest-valley-by-gallier67-v2_8 goldcrest-valley-by-gallier67-v2_10 goldcrest-valley-by-gallier67-v2_15 goldcrest-valley-by-gallier67-v2_16

This is a reconstruction of the original map of ls17 GOLDCREST VALLEY.

Here is the V2 of my map
What was made in the V2

New halls were placed on the farm
New fields created existing fields enlarged added added various minor bugs fixed new forest added more trees added
Since I still have problems to create the PDA sensibly I will deliver you to the given time I believe you find yourself first synonymous so

!!!!!!Attention! Important!!!!!!
After the download, the folder has to be unpacked since I have a CREDITS attached with details of the modders of their objects I have inserted
A big thanks goes to the modders of the objects I inserted without their great work this would not be possible thanks guys
Now I wish you a lot of fun gambling

Here is my Facebook page as you can see what we are doing in multiplayer and what projects I am still working on in the future

what was done
all farms merged the main courtyard is now the cow yard
start vehicles has changed since I’m a big fan Massey Ferguson I have as a start vehicles
in V2 is a vast reconstruction plan, therefore you are allowed to a different version of this map still pleased
Now I wish you much fun from the Map

Idee / Konzept:


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