Fs17 zil pack v3.3.0

The package includes the Zil-4502 (7000l) Zil truck Zil-442160, the Zil-4415 tractor, the Zil MMW 554 block truck, the HARQ 9329 (30000 liters) CCH-819 (12,000 liters) thinner tank ARUP-8N (18000) , Fuel module (4800 l). Performance: 269 l / c, speed: 60 km / h. Mirror, dashboard animation and fender, choice of colors when buying, cvetotehnika, washable.
V3.3 – Added: 1) Tank trailer ODAZ (water transport and milk, 9000 l). 2) ODAZ-3857B cattle trailers. 3) semi-ODAZ wood. Automatic blocking / unloading (7 m). 4) Platform for the transport of pallets and parcels. Automatic loading / unloading, selecting the landing page. Log network!

Eraevgenij, Envelope Oleg


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