Ford aaa szm pack v1.0

Here is my Ford AAA truck LS17 …
! … does not have to be unpacked …!
Model: Hewaaa / TSL

Contents: 1x Ford AAA tractor, 1x Fendetrailer, 1x Pritschetrailer, 1x woodtrailer

Ford AAA Tractor:
* Vmax: 63km / h
Attacher: semitrailer, low, normal
* Also fits other trailers

Trailer Barrel:
* Capa: 5,000
* Fruits: water milk
* With Particle

Trailer flatbed:
* Capa: 5,000
* Fruits: soybean sunflower sugarBeet potato wheat barley
Maize rape manure forage fertilizer woodChips
Silage chaff grass grass_windrow
* Tarpaulin to open

* DynamicMountAttacher
* DynamicAttach (attach charge to button b)

* Log clean

Modell: Hewaaa/TSL
Textur: Hewaaa/TSL
Script: Marhu (Particle)
Idee / Konzept: TSL
Tester: TSL


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