Fliegl timber runner with autoloadwood script v1.0.0.17

fliegl-timber-runner-with-autoloadwood-script-v1-0-0-17_1 fliegl-timber-runner-with-autoloadwood-script-v1-0-0-17_2

With this Fliegl trailer you can load and unload timber automatically.
O = select side of operation
B = load wood in the range
X = unload wood

Original script from Marhu I made some change; the trailer refuses to load wood out of range, this range and number of branches acceptable, can be configured in xml.
Thanks to Marhu for script and permission, thanks to FSI Modding Team for support and beta testing.
Farming Simulator Italia forum

Texture: GIANTS
Script: Marhu – fcelsa
Idea / Concept: fcelsa
Testing: fcelsa & FSI Modding Team


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