Fendt farmer 310 312 lsa turbomatik pack v1.0.0.2

fendt-farmer-310-312-lsa-turbomatik-pack-v1-0-0-2_12 fendt-farmer-310-312-lsa-turbomatik-pack-v1-0-0-2_11 fendt-farmer-310-312-lsa-turbomatik-pack-v1-0-0-2_4 fendt-farmer-310-312-lsa-turbomatik-pack-v1-0-0-2_1

Now isser the “old” acquaintances

– Logfehler behoben

Changes to the 15er model:
adjusted lights on LS17-Standard
adapted Sounds on LS17
310-312 is now configurable and not individually at the store
Frontladerkonsole configurable (but matches only at the 310er … for the 312 is a bit too short)
Selectable Tyres: Standard, twin rear tires and dual tires front and rear

animated lights on dashboard
(To open doors / windows) IC
open left door from the outside
real sounds

Known Bugs:
If unfortunately you configured the first time after starting the game comes a log error, which by the sound script (allows different motor sounds when the engine configurations) is caused. This is not to prevent, interferes with the play (performance etc) but in no way

Modell: bullet/modelleicher/schlueterfan1977
Textur: Rival
Script: Giants, Rival, Manuel Leithner, fruktor

DOWNLOAD FendtFarmer31xLSA_FS17.zip – 21.7 MB

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