Fendt 900 – black edition v1.4

fendt-900-black-edition-v1-4_1 fendt-900-black-edition-v1-4_2

Included in MOD:
Fendt 900
Fendt weight 3300 kg of Steph33

The weight comes from the LS15 MOD Fendt 1050 from Steph33

Motorpower in hp
Max speed forward
Max speed reverse
360 hp 39.15 mph 13.67 mph 2200
390 hp 39.15 mph 13.67 mph 2200
469 hp 39.15 mph 13.67 mph 2200
557 hp 39.15 mph 13.67 mph 2200
591 hp 39.15 mph 13.67 mph 2200
646 hp 49.71 mph 18.64 mph 3000

Color variants:
light silver
dark silver
light green
dark green

As you can see with the original headlights at night as good as nothing I’ve adapted them somewhat.
original mod
Low beam: 20m 80m
Main beam: 30m 250m
Working light: 25m 150m
Rear light: 2,5m 25m
Turn light: 4m 10m
Brakelight: 5m 25m
Beacon light: 12m 80m

I am aware that the Fendt 900 Vario neither in the above color scheme nor with the engine variants exist. However, it likes the one or other optically better and a stronger engine can sometimes be quite useful.

Modell: Giants / Steph33
Textur: Giants / steph33
Script: Giants / steph33 / www.agra-tech.de
Idee / Konzept: zone1987(www.agra-tech.de) / Maik 1981
Tester: Spieler vom MP Server: Hof der ewigen Zeit
Sonstige: Maik 1981

DOWNLOAD FS17_Fendt_900_Black_Edition.zip – 23.5 MB

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