Fendt 700 with mitas pneumatic beta v1.0

7418-fendt-700-with-mitas-pneumatic-beta-1-0_1 7418-fendt-700-with-mitas-pneumatic-beta-1-0_4

Fendt 700 serie with Mitas Pneumatic wheels.
The footprint of Mitas PneuTrac is 53% larger compared with the standard tyre and it provides a higher tractive force.
This ensures gentle ground handling with much lower and improved distribution of pressure to the ground with less soil compaction.
The lateral stability of Mitas PneuTrac is on a very high level compared with a standard tyre, even 167% higher.
Take a look at the pictures, there stands a picture with info where you can find the Mitas wheels.

Jantjetennis and Beunheas


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