Euro pallet with belts v1.0

euro-pallet-with-belts-v1-0_1 euro-pallet-with-belts-v1-0_4

People who handle small seed bags, manure or fertilizer buckets cans, often need a transportation option. Now there is the Euro pallets with belts for easy transport of small objects (or even an bale).
Price: 100 € (Euro pallet 50 € + High Quality belts 50 €).
Category: “pallets”.
The tension belts can be mounted only by foot.

Modell: Polygon-A (LS15)
Textur: Polygon-A (LS15)
Script: moep0710
Idee / Konzept: moep0710
Tester: moep0710
Sonstige: moep0710


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