Claas quadrant 2200 rc v0.9.1.7

claas-quadrant-2200-rc-v0-9-1-7_1 claas-quadrant-2200-rc-v0-9-1-7_2

I present the claas quadrant 2200 roto cut with farming for 2017. The 3D simulator was purchased from TurboSquid by Guillaume79 . I ( thomas79 ) make texture, ingame and scripts (animations , etc. ). This version have only original fonction. I will add somme fonction later (i need authorisation to convert some scripts).

-bales will not jumb
-log clean
-all fonction of fs17 ready

Model: IPF & Thomas79
Texture: Thomas79
Script: Thomas79
Idea / Concept: Kazounet Thomas79 and slagri team
Testing: Thomas79 & supra monky
Other: Donators: Guillaume79 kazounet


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