Challenger mt700e & mt800e with extras v1.0

challenger-mt700e-mt800e-with-extras-v1-0_2 challenger-mt700e-mt800e-with-extras-v1-0_3

Hab for you this:
Challenger MT700E
installed color choice
Plate installed (Thanks to Pandahma)

Challenger MT800E
installed color choice
Plate installed (Thanks to Pandahma)
LTS Performance Upgrade LTS900 (900PS) (Selectable)

The log is completely clean.
If you want to have another indicator as have the machines, says just tell me about it.
Just do not be angry if I just can not times.

Have fun with it
(If someone finds error, please notify me instead of bitching and here to say I would have tested nothing thereby passes a just desire his work here upload)

Modell: Giants/Pandahma
Textur: Giants/DellwigerLTS


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