Central valley v1.4 notrain

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Goldcrest Valley adjusted. Have the map made for me, but you put here at disposal.

Version 1.4 noTrain
Known bugs have been fixed.

The first fields were enlarged, which is a forest on the pigsty fallen victim. The cowshed between the pigsty and the Court placed. Terrain with anh̦chen and reduce. The farm has a little more space, but have added little to buildings, it is clear РI do not need a GPS to me in the yard to find your way. Thus gestallten also every court with placeable objects in game itself.
All placed buildings are for sale. The PDA Map is currently.
Maybe someone liked it.

For the future:
am not a fan of trains, so the Idea is there, they unregistering them from the map, but keep the outlets.



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