Category: Vehicles


Mn 26t v1.02

VOICI une version RUSSE de l’hélicoptére MN 26T. Rappelons que cet hélicoptere est de fabrication RUSSE. Il été bien normal de souligner se savoir faire et de leurs faire plaisir avec cette version. Credits:...


Mi26 white v1.0

Transport helicopter Mi 26, 2 x 11 400 hp. Designed for the transport of bulky cargo and equipment weighing up to 20 tons. Both helicopters get dirty. Credits: FS15: werik, Silak_68, DCS: World, DartShinigami,...


Ka 26 pack v1.1

The pack includes: Agricultural modification of the multipurpose twin-engine helicopter Ka 26. The helicopter is designed for processing agricultural crops with poisonous chemicals and applying mineral fertilizers to the soil. Capacity of fertilizer tank:...