Category: Farming Simulator 2017 mods


Ptu 75 v1.0

Soviet trailer. Price – 27,199 (on day 21). Washable. Shine. The traces and dust from the wheels. Capacity – 5.500-8.500. Credits: TYOMATY, DRONKLIM, Northern_Strike, polyakdemon, ANDREI1994, igorela21 DOWNLOAD


Szt 5 4 v1.0

SZT_5_4 for FS17 width of 5.4 meters, is composed. dirty, clean. present particle animation of dust.seet wheat, barley, canola, grass, radish seed, soyu.takzhe filled with fertilizer. Two variants of red and blue. Credits: Northern_Strike...


John deere 7x30 v2.1

v 2.1 – Interactive Control – Full animated – Opening doors, rear window – Washable (wheels) * New function * Full washable * Wheels (normal, weight) * Repairs all detected errors * Improved textures...