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Zil 157kd v1.1.0

Changes: Added: ZIL Molokovoz (water, milk – 7000 l), ZIL petrol tanker (4000 l), ZIL KUNG (mobile workshop). Added selection of wheels (two types). Pack includes: 1) Saddle tractor. Power: 104 hp, speed: 65...


Atc vehicle pack v2.3.0.6

V1.0.0.0, 20.01.2018 – added plateau trucks V2.2.6.1, 11.03.2018 – added Plateau rigid drawbar trailer V2.3.0.6, 22.03.2018 – added plateau fifth wheel trailer All vehicles of (A) bsolute (T) ransportation (C) ompany Update 22.3.2018, V2.3.0.6...


Small technical pack v1.0

In the package for low-power tractors (part 1): plow, sprayer, fertilizer spreader, liquid manure dispenser, manure spreader, pick-up tractor, seeder, cattle trailer, several tanks and other trailers. For all equipment from the pack, a...