Buyable silo v1.1

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To tired to load BigBags, back pain from carrying the bags? Then this mod is for you!
Silos, each with 20.000l content available to purchase from the merchant.It can be loaded on trailers or can be transferred directly into planter / fertilizer spreader.

Fruit varieties available Price:
Fertiliser € 27,200 15% quantity discount over BigBag
Seeds € 15,300 15% quantity discount over BigBag
Pigfood € 23,800 15% quantity discount over BigBag
total mixed ration € 23,800
silage € 15,300
Maize € 20,400

The dealer charged you a Daily Silo / court fee of 150 €

In planning further expansion:
More types of fruit if desired
Silo with 50.000l capacity and 30% volume discount.

Modell: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Rebell79


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  1. KT says:

    Only problem I see with this mod is when you buy it it’s placed at the shop and you cant move it to your farm or where ever you want. I tested it at the shop and when it unloaded into my trailer the silo just disappeared

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