Bredal f2ws 4000 28m v1.0

bredal-f2ws-4000-28m-v1-0_1 bredal-f2ws-4000-28m-v1-0_2 bredal-f2ws-4000-28m-v1-0_3 bredal-f2ws-4000-28m-v1-0_4

This is an edit of the in game Bredal F2WS 4000 that increases the working width from 24m to 28m.

This matches the width of Caruelle-Nicolas STILLA 460 spayer so that if you are using the Crop Destruction mod to create tramlines/wheellanes, for a more realistic game play, you now have a fertiliser spreader and sprayer for the same width tramlines.

Price, capacity, daily upkeep & working speed are unchanged.

Original model by GIANTS Software
Edit by Mike3650


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