Anna burger mt75 multifass v1.0.0.2

anna-burger-mt75-multifass-v1-0-0-2_1 anna-burger-mt75-multifass-v1-0-0-2_2

– Can now load milk, digestate and manure
– Small bug fixed

– Main collision renewed
– Weight reduced
– Digital display functioned
– Spanish translation – Thanks to Juanma!

– Converts to LS17

Some of you will know it, the small multi-pass of Annaburger.
Well, here it is for LS17;)

The scripts were converted as well as it went.
Can be invited:
– Water
– Fuel
– Liquid fertilizer

The barrel you can not currently empty! I am still working on it.
The danger chain at the hack does not work yet.
Because I had to decide between the digital display and the panels.

Modell: [FSM]Team
Textur: [FSM]Team
Script: Blackburner, [FSM]Chefkoch
Idee / Konzept: [FSM]Team
Tester: [FSM]Team
Sonstige: –


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