Aldo annovi silage shield v1.0 used effect

aldo-annovi-silage-shield-v1-0-used-effect_2 aldo-annovi-silage-shield-v1-0-used-effect_3 aldo-annovi-silage-shield-v1-0-used-effect_5 aldo-annovi-silage-shield-v1-0-used-effect_7

Hi guys, a new mod made from scratch for you!
This is the Aldo Annovi silage shield, developed by Zaxis, Mirozed and Agrifutura modding team!
There are two versions, new and used effect!
Full mouse controllable

Model: Zaxis FS
Textures: Mirozed
Ingame & FS17 conversion: Mirozed
Powered by Agrifutura modding team!
Thanks to the various testers and friend for help and support.

Model: Zaxis FS
Texture: Mirozed
Ingame & FS17 Conversion: Mirozed


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