2016 chevy silverado 3500

unnamed-1 unnamed

Converted from Farming simulator 2015, I do not take credit for this truck I only converted and fixed lights.

Not Sure


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  1. James4012 says:

    Looks good from 3rd person, inside view could use a little work, but functional. Engine sound could use a little work. Only problem I’ve encountered is that this truck is capable of hauling grains and what not. But it doesn’t show in the bed, and when I dumped the load into my Silo, my entire game went to crap. Couldn’t move, jump to vehicles, access the menu, my chain saw randomly came out, turned horizontal and proceded to run all on it’s own. Had to shut the game down and loose progress to continue. I’d advise not hauling in it till fixed.
    Overall, 4/10
    if the bug was gone I’d give it a 7/10
    Nice mod, but could use some more editing.

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